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Want to be a ref?

Soccer Sainte-Anne is currently looking for referees. Referees must be at least 12 years of age. Please contact Dave Nelson if you or your child is interested.


If you have questions please read our FAQ before emailing.

Q. When does the season begin?

A(1). The 2019 season for Mini-Soccer will begin on May 1st and will end on June 24th with a windup on June 26th

A(2). The 2019 season for Youth Soccer will begin on May 6th and will end with the tournament on June 22, windup dates are decided on by individual teams

Q. What time and where do the kids play?

A(1). Mini-Soccer - U3 & U4 play from 6pm - 6:45pm. U6 & U8 are from 6pm - 7pm. All Mini-Soccer is played Monday and Wednesday at the soccer fields by the firehall.

A(2). Youth Soccer - U10 & U15 play Tuesdays and Thursdays. U12 and U18 play Monday and Wednesday. All youth soccer games have a 7pm start time. Coaches normally ask that players be at the field by 6:30 to warmup.

Q. What equipment do we need to purchase?

A(1). Mini-Soccer - All players are supplied a size 3 ball and jersey by TimBits, these are the players to keep at the end of the season. Parents are responsible for supply soccer socks, shin guards, shorts(with no pockets), a personal water bottle, and cleats or running shows. Cleats are recommended for traction.

A(2). Youth Soccer - Soccer Sainte-Anne will supply a jersey for use during the season, the jersey must be returned at the end of the season. Parents and players need to supply, a properly sized ball(size 4 for U10 and U12 and size 5 for U15 and U18), supply soccer socks, shin guards, black shorts(with no pockets), a personal water bottle, and cleats.

Q. Who can I make my registration cheque out to?

A(1). All cheques should be made payable to Soccer Sainte-Anne.

Q. If I wish to e-transfer what is the e-mail to send it to?

A(1). E-transfers can be sent to Our preferred password is soccer.

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